Back Cover Blurb Guidelines

     1. Start the back cover copy with a benefit-driven headline.

     2. List all the problems and challenges your reader has
in one short paragraph.

3. Address your potential buyer's resistances.

     4. List the top five-ten benefits of your book in bullet form.

     5. Share the downside of your book to create empathy.

     6. Add one or two testimonials at the bottom of your blurb.

7. Include your expert credentials.

     8. Ask for the sale! Create an urgency to buy now.

9. End with your 100% money-back guarantee.

     10. Include complete URL and Standard Contact Information.

Additional Notes:

     1. In the top left corner, you may want to indicate the section
(according to BISAC) where the book should be shelved.

     2. In the top right corner, you may want to put the price of the book.

     3. In the bottom left corner, you will place the Bookland EAN bar code with
price extension using your ISBN – 13.

     4. If you plan to sell in a variety of markets, you may want to add a UPC
barcode, which is different from ISBN.
UPC Barcode - $110 for 1st, $35 each additional at:

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