• Rik Feeney is the author of more than 48 books, reports, and CD’s
on the sport and business of gymnastics as well as promotional expert
for aspiring self-published authors.

     • He is also a speaker for many writing groups in and out of Florida,
as well as a presenter at several regional and national gymnastics

     • (30 years and ten thousand pizza’s ago) Rik was a competitive
gymnast through high school and later at Temple University in
Philadelphia. After college, Rik owned gymnastics clubs in the U.S. and
coached in other countries developing several state and national level
competitors under various systems of competition.

     • Rik adapted his love of reading, writing, and gymnastics to become
a published author with several newspaper, magazine articles, and
books to his credit. His first book was published in 1992 and titled,
"Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents and Athletes" (now with McGraw-Hill).

     • His most recent book is the highly acclaimed, Back Handsprings:
The Secret Techniques available online and at several gymnastics
vendors. Rik has three new books due out in 2011: Writing for Fun,
Fame, & Fortune; Publishing for Penny-Pinchers; and, Book Marketing
Success for Authors on a Budget.

     • Rik continues to write books and special reports on gymnastics,
self-publishing, and marketing and works with authors to develop books,
web sites, and strategic marketing plans. He is also the Group Leader of
the Orlando FWA Writing Group.

Additional Information:

     • Rik received a Bachelor of Arts in Writing & Literature from Vermont
College of Norwich University in 2003.

     • He is the Executive Editor & Marketing Director of Richardson
Publishing, Inc.

     • He works with authors and self-publishers as a book development
and marketing coach, providing insight and information to help new
writers leap beyond the mundane but financially treacherous daily
concerns of publishing. He also trains authors to become Independent

     • He is a columnist for AllExperts.com answering questions in two
categories; Publishing and Self Publishing, and the sport of Gymnastics.
Rik also publishes articles for print magazines and contributes articles
for online sites through EzineArticles.com, Hubpages.com and other
online article directories.

     • Rik authored several books which sell online at Amazon.com and
several other online booksellers.

     • Google "Rik Feeney" for a wide range of feedback on his writing,
gymnastics, and book marketing activities.
Biography at-a-glance: Rik Feeney