Book Publishing
Please keep in mind that in
today's world a book is not
necessarily something made
out of paper products.

A book can be a hard cover,
paperback, or saddle-stitched
product. It can also be an
e-book,a PDF file, or
an MP3 audio file.

A book can even be a video.

Books are now read
increasingly on cell phones,
e-readers, computers, and
iPads. You have a wide
range of product development
available publishing a
book today.
Many authors say, I want to publish a
paperback or hardcover book as well as
electronic versions – and keep
100% of the profit!

I want the process to be as easy as possible.

I want to have fun, maybe gain a little fame,
and start building my fortune.

• I don’t want to take credit card orders.
• I don’t want to pack and ship books.
• I don’t want books stacked in my garage
• I don’t want to print 5000 books
and drain my bank account.
• I don’t want to handle refunds and returns.

I DO want to make additional money easily selling
my books online at:, Barnes & Noble,
Borders, Books-A-Million and several hundred
other online book sellers.

You can make even more money setting your books
up on the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook,
the Apple iPad, Google Editions and many other
electronic book sites.

You CAN have all the benefits of Independent
Publishing without all the hassles using the
Lightning Quick Publishing Plan”.