Books by Rik Feeney
Originally published by Masters Press in 1992,
now being published by McGraw-Hill.
Levels 1-3 of this "GymCert" series of books were ghostwritten by Rik Feeney.
Levels 4-6 and "Safety Basics" were both ghostwritten and given author credit to Rik Feeney.

Levels 1-6 of the GymCert program are now part of the educational materials used by
USA Gymnastics University to train gymnastics coaches nationwide.
One tactic to develop a
successful career in
publishing is to pick a
"niche" market and
develop several
products; in my case,
books, reports, and
CD's  for the gymnastics
market where I can
claim some level of

What special
knowledge do you have
in a vocation, vacation,
hobby, or life
experience that you can
share with others
through your books?
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