Check-off list for writing articles

      Who or what is the article about?

What is the working title for the article?

When will events in the article take place? (Dates and times)

Where will the events in the article take place? (addresses,
maps, web sites)

Why does the reader need to know this information? (I.E.
What's the benefit?)

How can interested parties find out more information about this
article? Have you created a “Bio Box” with your name, main
accomplishment, and contact information including Email & web site.

Is there a specific picture or graphic that goes with this article?  
If so, do you have the appropriate caption for it? (I.E. funny sayings,
names of people or objects in the photo) Do you need a release?

Do you have any callouts or sidebars to go with this article?

When will you have each item in your hands?

Where will you submit the article when it is finished?

Is there a specific word count?

Are references required for this piece?

What is your deadline?

Can this piece be re-slanted for other publications?

What form will your payment take? On acceptance or on

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