One way to publish the book yourself is through a traditional printer.

You can send requests for quotes to printers for short or long run book
pricing. The higher the print run, the lower the cost per piece, although
you do have to shell out a chunk of money up front to pay for the print
run and the cost to store the books away from the elements.

You, the author, are responsible for layout and design of the final
product and supplying appropriate files to the printer.

Another way to independently publish is through the use of “print
services” companies. The same companies that, in some cases, print
the books for many Print-On-Demand publishers.

From a marketing standpoint, independent publishing via print services
companies and having your own ISBN number may be the ideal way to
maximize the potential for future rights sales and the ability to play with
different marketing techniques.

You have complete control over the design, editing, layout, marketing,
promotion, sales, and fulfillment of the book. You get to keep 100% of
the profits.

The drawback to independent publishing is you are responsible for the
design, layout, marketing, promotion, sales, and fulfillment of the book.
It can be quite time consuming, especially if this is your first time
publishing a book. However, there are many talented writers, editors,
and graphic designers hungry to make a name for themselves that you
can hire without breaking the bank.

Perhaps, the most important aspect of independent publishing, actually
any type of publishing, is who will focus on the continuous marketing of
the book once it is published?

Writing the book and publishing it is 5% of the process. Continuous
marketing is the other 95%.

What method of publishing is best for you?

If you have a book you would like to get published and are not sure how
you want to publish, I am available to consult with you and help you
make the best choice according to your needs, your abilities, and your
level of motivation.

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