“Lots of good meat to chew on. [Rik] answers more key questions than you know you had.”
- J. Kent Bull / St. Augustine, FL

“Very informative. Spoken from experience.”
- Walt Hogan, St. Augustine, FL

“You provided me with a great primer on establishing a web site [for authors]. You also gave me numerous
marketing ideas originating with a web site; I look forward to reading your marketing book.”
- Robert Dickey, St. Augustine, FL

“Your delivery was on point, clear and full of info. Glad I know you – I feel that you are a great resource to our
writer’s group.”
- Charlotte Kramer, St. Augustine, FL

“Information on the media page was very helpful. This was a topic I hadn’t thought of that could be very useful to
the “marketing” of the book without my presence.
- J. Bjork, St. Augustine, FL

“Very Informative. Good knowledge.”
- Cindy Fraher

“Very helpfrul & informative. Most questions answered before they were asked.”
- Hadessa Mullane, Palatka, FL

“Rik takes all the complexities of the publishing industry and simplifies them; makes them easy to understand. Rik
is well organized & well versed in all aspects of writing & publishing.”
- Jeff Swesky, Daytona Beach, FL

“The best use of 3-hours of my time on a day off. Would recommend any wannabe writer to attend.”
- Jack M.D. Owen, Palm Beach, FL

“Genuine information for aspiring writers done in an entertaining way. Concrete information that helps authors in
marketing their books. Outstanding!”
- Kim Miller, St. Augustine, FL

“I enjoyed the humor in the talk. The content was very helpful.”
- Howard E. Johnson, St. Augustine, FL

“Rik is the most powerful speaker in the field of writing I have ever heard! When I get ready to pay for a personal
consultation, he will be my man!”
- Dorothy G. Loop, St. Augustine, FL

“Very informative & helpful. Presented in an interesting manner.”
- Frank J. Realin, Weymouth, MA

“Very good. Broke down the publishing industry into 3 easy-to-understand chunks.”
- Robert Lee, Satsung, FL

“Very informational…Loaded! Visual presentation…straight to the point. Thanks!”
- Gearge W. Prow

“Very funny & informative & easy-to-understand. A pleasure to listen to – I learned a lot.”
- Joan North, St. Augustine, FL

“Very informative. Presented clearly with humor.”
- A. McDevitt, St. Augustine, FL

“Rik always delivers great, timely info. His program, ‘Write a Book in 60-Days’ helped me start / organize my book.
Best information for a jump start!
- Paula L. Pedersen, St. Augustine, FL

“Appreciate the needed information which will be utilized for marketing my novel. I will be in touch with you for
marketing assistance.”
- Therese Bearse, St. Augustine, FL

“The speaker, Rik Feeney, was very informative. Rik is a very personable speaker.”
- J. Allen Adams, St. Augustine, FL

“Very well organized and informative to the aspiring writer. Information was succinct and comprehensive.”
- Allison Rose, St. Augustine, FL

“Great visual presentation; very easy to listen to.”
- Glenn Klein, St. Augustine, FL

“Quick, useful information [presented] with a quick wit.”
- Dana Harrison, St. Augustine, FL

“The clouds parted, lightning struck, and I saw the face of God.”
- Larry Gilbert, St. Augustine, FL

- Mary Jane Hayes, St. Augustine, FL

“Rik, this session was wonderful! Your command of all things electronic-related ways to sell was extraordinary! I
learned a lot!!!”
- Kay McDonnell, St. Augustine, FL

“Thanks Rik! Great info – good stories – time well spent!”

“Rik gave a thorough, in-depth presentation. I was such a beginner – I did not even know what questions to ask.
After his talk, I felt more organized and able to build a web presence.”
- Frances Ogle, Gainesville, FL

“Very Informative! Every author needs a book coach like Rick Feeney.”
- April Broussard, Orange Park, FL

“Good information about marketing. A lot of new information I had not heard before.”
- Joy Tice, Jacksonville, FL

“Interesting & informative speaker.” Enjoyed.”
- Kim Sprueil, Jacksonville, FL

“Great ideas for marketing. Very original. I love the casual style of the lecture; kept it interesting.”
- Kathleen Tyson, Jacksonville Beach, FL

“Awesome information. Rik thought of everything. All the details come together to get the most marketing value
out of your own book. [Rik is an] engaging speaker; to the point [and] chock full of information.”
- Tracy L. Redmon, Jacksonville, FL

“I wish I had heard your talk before I published – very good advice on marketing, especially regarding [book]
covers. [The information is the] best I’ve heard to be able to put into practive immediately.”
- Gerard Webster, Jacksonville, FL  (author of “In-Sight”)

“Very compelling! Awesome info on preparing a book to sell.”
- Priscilla Weaver, Jacksonville, FL

“An interesting, clear and informative presentation on Basic Book Marketing. Vital things to know when you
design your book and prepare your marketing plan.”
- Daniel Anderson, Orlando, FL  (author of “Bad Vibrations”)

“Incredibly valuable marketing information for an aspiring author. It helped me to think about details that would
never have occurred to me; such as title placement and cover colors.”
- Claire Closson, Longwood, FL

“Enjoyed the flow and presentation layout. Enjoyed the facts / stats and information obtained.”
- Gregory Williams, Lake Mary, FL

“Great talk, Rik. A lot of meat but well-organized, well-presented, and easy to chew.”
- Dave Lapham, Orlando, FL

“Great overview of the elements of a book cover.”
- Isabel Perry, Orlando, FL

“Good tips on how to title a book and what to include on the back cover.”
- Christophe Couallier, Apopka, FL

[The talk was] very informative and full of knowledge for an aspiring writer. [Although, it was] geared more toward
non-fiction writers, it still held lots of great info for us fiction writers.”
- Alicia Jessmon, Orlando, FL

“Rik stayed connected with the entire group throughout the [talk] creating interest as he led to the next
‘discovery’. Rik’s attention to detail was amplified by his continuous flow of information in a natural linear order.”
- Dale E. Sims, Keaau, Hawaii

“Very Informative. Lots of pertinent information writers need to know.”
- Elbee Bailey, Springfield, Missouri

“Thanks for making me aware that publishers want a marketing package with a manuscript.”
- Vanessa Blakeslee, Maitland, FL

“Informative. Creative. Sparkly!”
- Jodie Jessmon, Orlando, FL

“Rik used his own book and personal experience to show how to use basic marketing points effectively. Great
pictures and examples.”
- Damian Colaricci, Orlando, FL

“Wow. The amount of needed information given [by Rik Feeney] to help market a book is staggering.
Understanding the blurb and its purpose was powerful.”
- Craig Clossen, Orlando, FL

“If you’re going to sell what you write, Rik’s workshop is an absolute necessity.”
- Tim Ricke, Casselberry, FL

“Great graphics. Great Information.”
- Barbara Colaricci, Orlando, FL

“The presentation was clear and specific. Rik [Feeney] provided terrific information on what to consider when
designing your book cover.”
- Candace Whitehead, Altamonte Springs, FL

“Very informative. Rik [Feeney] answered questions I didn’t even know I had.”
- Sandra Kenny, Orlando, FL

“In half an hour, Rik Feeney gave me the basics of book marketing in an easy-to-understand & entertaining
format. As a beginning writer, I feel that Rik Feeney clarified the book marketing process a great deal.”
- Stephanie Bush, Winter Springs, FL

“This was a very strong presentation on marketing; clear and to the point.”
- Michael D. Taylor, Winter Park, FL

“Rik Feeney’s material is valuable information and a short-cut to success.”
- Dyna Loukach, Orlando, FL

“Simple, informative, and copy-able. Rik Feeney’s experience and humor come through in a major way.”
- Steve Van Dyke, Orlando, FL

“Detailed and spirited.”
- Jason Harris, Melbourne, FL

“You have come a long way in ten years. Way to go, Rik!”
- Shara Pendragon Smock, Palm Bay, FL

“I’m a seasoned writer and former publisher and I learned something new! I updated all my knowledge on self-
publishing and POD.”
- Mia Crews, Malabar, FL

“Very informative workshop. I learned things I didn’t know about publishing.”
- Karlene Conroy, Melbourne, FL

“I learned more about self-publishing and marketing in your one-hour presentation than I did in a three-day
- John White, Merritt Island, FL

“Rik was very funny and had great tidbits [of information]. It was great to learn about current information on email
- Heather Dewey Pettit, Oldsmar, FL

“Didn’t know about Writer’s Market before. [It is] Good to know free stories [articles] can lead to speaking
- H. Lee Helscel, Brooksville, FL

“Great presentation! A lot of useful information delivered with a sense of humor.”
- Karen L. Davis, Stafford, VA

“Overwhelming amount of information pertinent to article writing – very organized presentation.”
- Irene Patino, New Port Richey, FL

“Excellenet tips for article writing presented in an upbeat way, including practical points for specific web [headline,
title, and subject lines] addresses.”
- Julie Gabell, Bayonet Point, FL

“Mr. Feeney is extremely knowledgable. His talk was both informative and funny.”
- Linda Welker, Brooksville, FL

“Not only do you [Rik Feeney] present a very good program – but you do it with flair and humor. I enjoyed it very
much and learned a lot.”
- Helen J. Johnson, New Port Richey, FL

“[Rik’s] talking/lecture style is not above the audience; nice, casual presentations. [Rik provided] creative ways to
think / keep thoughts organized, recycle ideas, and utilize what you’ve already heard.”
- Keely Smith, Hudson, FL

“Witty, professional presentation. Very informative and well-prepared.”
- C.D. Hodges, Jacksonville, FL

“Coach Rik knows his stuff. His unique style goes well with his vast knowledge.”
- Frederick Jones, Jacksonville, FL

“The five comments Rik Feeney gave us about the key to writing a best selling book were excellent. His
comments about marketing books were excellent, especially those about pricing your book. Great tips about web
- Janie Wilkins, Fernandina Beach, FL

“Excellent marketing ideas. Funny presentation.”
- Louise Stanton Warren, Jacksonville, FL

“Enjoyed the talk. A lot of great information.”
- Max Johnson, Jacksonville, FL

“I learned more about marketing in one-hour than I have in five years. What a treat. This is the best advice a new
(or old) writer can get. Wonderful. Every writer should hear Rik Feeney. He gives detailed, useful [writing] tips.”
- Jean Osborn, Amelia Island, FL

“Sounds like he [Rik Feeney] knows his stuff! Very interesting delivery style!”
- Sandra C. Taylor, Fernandina Beach, FL

“Rik Feeney is an excellent resource person for beginning and experienced authors.”
- Annette Myers, Fernandina Beach, FL

“Very informative. [Rik Feeney] demystifies the [writing] process. Very enthusiastic; [Rik] gives me hope!”
- Harold Voyles, Fernandina Beach, FL

“Very humor-ful. [Rik Feeney is] extremely relate-able. Thank you for an enjoyable evening!”
- Carlynne Easterwood, Fernandina Beach, FL

“Solid research data. Useful web sites. Good coaching. [Rik Feeney is] the Yoda of writing coaches.”
- Harvey Slentz, Amelia Island, FL

“I’m very new to this whole idea – not even ready to publish, but found this talk very informative of where to go
[for information] before your book is ready to publish.”
- Gerry Clare, Fernandina Beach, FL

“All very interesting. [This is the] first time I heard many [of these] things.”
- Ray Madden, Fernandina Beach, FL

“Very interesting and informative! Rik [Feeney] gave an organized talk with concrete examples and anecdotes
that made it very easy to understand the information.”
- Anna Rabhan, Jacksonville, FL  
What other say about Rik Feeney
Much of the material I present when consulting, I also use in my talks
and publishing seminars. Here are just a few comments from people
who have attended my presentations.